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Control Valve Manifolds

Integral Manifolds:

  • SV-100 manual or SVX-100 actuated 4-way valves.
  • Featuring face mounted body ports with four bolt attachment for ease of maintenance.
  • Compact design allows for a 50% reduction of installed footprint.
  • Only one supply and return connection are required, giving considerable reductionin labor and material costs.
  • KR Regulator and Hi-Lo Bypass valve can be mounted directly on the left end, eliminating a separate installation.
  • Manifolds are supplied assembled and tested.


SV-100 Tubing Manifolds:

  • Pressure Rating: 3000 to 6000 psi
  • Material: Seamless Tube, AISI 1026
  • Valve Ports: 1" NPT on 16" Centers
  • End Ports: 1" NPT
  • Bleed Port: 1/2" NPT 90° from Valve Port
  • Top (Bypass) Port: 1" NPT
  • Gauge Port: 1/4" NPT on center with Bleed Port

Control valve manifold headers are designed for mounting multiple control valves, providing a common supply from a single pressure source. Ports are available for other accessories such as pressure gauges and bleed valves.