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SVX-150 Valve with
Modular Actuator*

Port size: 1-1/2"
Standard: Cv = 21   Rated Flow = 180 gpm
Dual Pressure: Cv = 10   Rated Flow = 90 gpm
Working Pressures: 3000 & 5000 psi


SVX-150 Valve with Modular Actuator*
Model Number Configurator

Port Size Type of Ports Rating (psi) Port Location Rotor Flow Pattern

12  1½"


M Manifold
B Subplate

3 3000

6 5000

I  Inline -   Side

B  Bottom

S  Selector

O  Open Center
M  Manipulator
B   Bypass
A   All Blocked

12  1½"


3 3000

I   Inline -   Side

D  Dual   Pressure

Actuator Positions Actuator Handle O-Ring

1 2 position 90°

 2 2 position 45°
 3 3 position 90°
 4 2 position 45°

    Spring Centered

 5 3 position 90°

    Spring Centered

A   Air

H   Hyd.

S  Straight

 W  Wing

 N  Indicator


V  Viton


6 4 position


Several configurations are available:

  • 2 position air actuated
  • 2 position hydraulic actuated
  • 3 position air actuated
  • 3 position spring centered hydraulic actuated
  • 2 position solenoid piloted

All actuator models have manual override feature, except spring centered.

The SVX Valve features a Modular Actuator which is a unique compact design using a rack and pinion with double acting pistons. By direct coupling the valve shaft to the pinion gear, losses in operating force are minimized and the assembly is more efficient with a constant torque throughout the stroke of the actuator. Lower air pilot pressure is needed since the piston area and lever arm is larger compared to the conventional actuator assembly.

There are multiple connections for air supply which provides more flexibility for the end user in order to connect piping. The SVX Actuator does not pivot and thus eliminates the need for flexible tubing.

The SVX is supplied fully assembled and coupled to the valve, requiring no further labor.

The design also allows for closer spacing than the conventional bracket mounted actuator, giving a more streamlined valve manifold assembly.

The Modular Actuator is offered in both pneumatic and hydraulic piloted versions.

Materials of the valve are as previously described.
Materials of the actuator:

  • External: (body, cylinders and heads) anodized aluminum - manganese phosphate coated carbon steel available)
  • Internal operator: 416 SS and bronze

SVX-150 Model Numbers

Part # Model Number Rotor Flow
40-3162 SVX150-12M5BB1AWN-X Bypass
40-3204 SVX150-12M3BM5HNN Manipulator
40-3113 SVX150-12N5IM3AWN Manipulator
40-3166 SVX150-12M5BS1AWN-X Selector