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Pacseal® Product Line

ShearFlo Technology Diagram ShearFlo technology ensures high cycle life for critical service applications even in contaminated fluids.

PacSeal rotary SV Directional control valves direct fluid flow to desired ports, with many configurations possible utilizing one or two outlet ports.
Rated working pressures from 3000 to 6000 psi.
SV-100 Valves

Surface and Industrial Applications
Model Port Size Flow Rate Cv
  SV-25  1/4" 10 GPM  0.95
  SV-50  1/2" 30 GPM  3.2
  SV-100  1" 75 GPM  9.2
  SV-150  1 1/2" 180 GPM  21
  SV-200  2" 300 GPM  33



Detent Positioned or Spring Centered.

Remote Control:

Pneumatic or Hydraulic bracket mounted cylinder or SVX modular rack and pinion actuator. 2 and 3 position with manual override.

Ocean Service

Subsea ROV Rotory Operable and Topside Splash Zone

Subsea ROV Rotary Operable
4-way Directional Control Valves

Topside Splash Zone
4-way Directional Control Valves

Integral Manifold (patent pending)

Integral Manifold w/Manual bypass and selector valves

Integral Manifold shown with Manual bypass and selector valves and subplate mounted manual regulator

ShearFlo® Seal reliability for long service life in harsh environments

  • Rated inlet pressure up to 6000 psi
  • Regulated outlet pressure ranges: 50 to 5500 psi
Model GPM Cv Inlet Port, NPT Outlet Port, NPT
KR-12 2 .23 ½" ½"
KR-38 15 1.84 ½" ½"
KR-75 75 9.4 1" 1"
KR-100 75 9.4 1" (x 2) 1 ½"
KR-140 150 14.9 1" (x 2) 1 ½"
KR-150 190 21 1" (x 2) 1 ½"
KR-200 300 33 1 ¼" (x 2) 2"


The operator provides control force to the regulator valve piston which adjusts, by linear motion, the position of the seal rings in relation to the ports on the flow plates.


Adjustment handle can be threaded in or out to increase or decrease the compression on a spring.

Hydraulic Pilot:

A single adjustable hydraulic signal operates on a piston with a 1:1 ratio which allows for simple operation. Requires a small accumulator in the pilot circuit.

Air Diaphragm:

A single adjustable air signal operates a rubber diaphragm.

Motor / Gear Drive:

Gear drive actuator powered by a pneumatic or hydraulic motor provides a failsafe feature with manual override in the event of loss of control signal. The compression spring operates the same as the manual operator.

KR Valve Operation

Micro Air Remote Control Panel

Micro Air Remote Control Panel
Panel Size
(No. of Stations)
Air Cable
(No. of Tubes)
4 6 & 8
6 12
9 16 & 19
12 19 & 24

  • Allows smaller more portable panel to be constructed.
  • Eliminates leak points as there is minimal tubing required
  • Manifolds are supplied pre-assembled and tested giving considerable cost reduction in tubing and assembly costs.
  • Ease of maintenance, only two screws attach the valves to the manifold. No tubing has to be disconnected.
  • Interfaces with existing air cable assembllies.
  • Available in 3-station (#6 tube cable) thru 12-station (#24 tube cable) sizes.
  • Porting is 1/4" NPT for air supply and gauge ports.
Namesplates and Push Button Lockout

Air Cable Assembly

Air Cable Assembly

Standard stocked size is 3/8"
tube diameter for #6, #8, #12, #16,
#19, #24 (other tube and cable sizes
available by special order).

KT-3600 Pressure Transmitter

KT-3600 Pressure Transmitter

Utilizes a piston / diaphragm mechanism to convert hydraulic pressure to a proportional air pressure signal which can be read at a remote location on a receiver gauge.
Rated pressure: 6000 psi
Receiver Gauge options: 3000,6000, & 10,000 psi

Air Shuttle Valve

Shuttle Valve

Shuttle Valve 1/4" NPT ports,
brass body and Viton shuttle ball.

Accumulators and Gas Bottles

Proven Bladder Accumulator Technology

Accumulator Bladder Function


Fig 1: Bladder is precharged with nitrogen gas and completely fills the shell.
Fig 2: Pump delivers pressurized hydraulic fluid which compresses the bladder to rated working pressure.
Fig 3: Hydraulic fluid is delivered to a system function by the expanding nitrogen gas.

  STANDARD Manganese phosphate inner and outer 
  PRIMER PAINT Primer paint over manganese phosphate exterior
  PHENOLIC Interior coating, shell only
  WATER SERVICE Phenolic interior, stainless shell fluid port and anti-extrusion ring
  STANDARD  0 to 180° F (-18 to 82° C)  
  COLD WEATHER -30 to 180° F (-34 to 82° C)
  LOW TEMP -50 to 180° F (-46 to 82° C)
  3000 & 5000 psi ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII, Division 1
  6000 psi ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII, Division 1, Appendix 22

Manifold Headers

Manifold Skid Assembly, Manifold and Bulkhead Fitting

Bottle Rack Assembly

Bottle rack assemblies are available in single and double row configurations utilizing up to #12 manifold headers

Accumulator Manifold Header

  • Machined from 4" OD x 2" ID seamless mechanical tubing with 1-1/4" NPT bottle ports on 12" centers and 2" NPT end ports.
  • Normally stocked sizes are #2 thru #6. Larger sizes are made to order.
  • Stainless steel (316ss) in SAE, Code-61 and Code-62 are available.

Control Valve Manifold Header

  • Machined from 2.5" OD x 1" ID seamless mechanical tubing with 1" NPT valve ports on 16" centers, 1" NPT end ports, 1" NPT bypass top port, 1/2" and 1/4" NPT back ports for bleed and gauge.
  • 6000 psi Rated Pressure
  • Customized configurations are available.

Bulkhead Fitting

  • 1" NPT - 6000 psi Rated Pressure
  • Connects control manifold piping through the skid beam without welding which would otherwise require NDE to meet regulatory requirements.

Relief and Check Valves

Relief and Check Valves

Relief Valves

  • 1000 to 5500 psi set pressure.
  • Featuring hardened 400 series stainless steel ball and seat.
  • 3/4" NPT ports - male inlet and female outlet.
  • Tamper proof option also available.

Check Valves

  • 1/2" and 1" NPT
  • 5000 psi rated
  • 416 SS hardened poppet creates a metal to metal seal.
  • Zinc plated carbon steel body.