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PacSeal® KR pressure reducing and regulating valves are used to maintain system pressure to a desired value which is below that of the inlet supply pressure.

Model GPM Cv Inlet Port, NPT Outlet Port, NPT
KR-12 2 .23 ½" ½"
KR-38 15 1.84 ½" ½"
KR-75 75 9.4 1" 1"
KR-100 75 9.4 1" (x 2) 1 ½"
KR-140 150 14.9 1" (x 2) 1 ½"
KR-150 190 21 1" (x 2) 1 ½"

The operator provides a control force to the regulator valve piston which balances the hydraulic load inside the valve.

Linear operation causes the ShearFlo® sealing elements to open and close supply pressure and vent ports until the control forces come into equilibrium.




Adjustment handle can be threaded in or out to increase or decrease compression on the spring.

Failsafe Air or Hydraulic Motor Drive with Manual Override:

This pressure reducing valve provides remote operation with a manual override. Upon loss of pilot signal, there is no loss of regulated outlet pressure.

Hydraulic Pilot:

A remote, variable hydraulic signal operates on a piston with a 1:1 ratio which allows for the most precisely controlled outlet pressures of all options. A safety concern, loss of hydraulic pilot pressure will result in the outlet venting to tank.

Air Diaphragm:

A remote, variable air signal operates on a rubber diaphragm to regulate outlet pressure. A safety concern, loss of air pilot pressure will result in the outlet venting to tank.