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KR-200 pressure Regulators

Inlet: 1-1/4"(Dual)   Outlet: 2"    Vent: 1"
Cv = 33      Rated Flow = 300 GPM

Maintenance Instructions

Operation Guidelines

Model Number Configurator
Basic Size Ports Supply Pressure
Regulated Outlet




3  3000

L  50-1500

E  300-1500

 M  Manual
FSA  Failsafe Air Motor
FSH  Failsafe Hydraulic Motor
   A  Air Diaphragm

5  5000

D  300-3000

5  5000

P  50-5000 

 H  Hydraulic Pilot

Currently available installation drawings are indicated in blue. Click on link to download. Models not listed in the table below are non-standard, consult factory for availability.
Part # Model Number Operator
 40-2053  KR-200N3DM Manual
 40-2059  KR-200N3DFSA FailSafe Air
 40-2054  KR-200N3LFSA FailSafe Air

Repair Kits:

40-2265: Minor Repair Kit; includes Seal Kit, flow plates and screws
40-2264: Major Repair Kit; includes Minor Repair Kit and seal container

KR-200 Manual Pressure Regulators

Manual Operator

KR 200 Failsafe Air Regulator

FailSafe Air