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KR-12 pressure Regulators

Inlet: ½"   Outlet: ½"    Vent: ½"
Cv = .23      Rated Flow = 2 GPM

KR-12 Model Number Configurator

Ports Supply Pressure
Regulated Outlet



3  3000

5  5000

E  300-1500

D  150-3000

 M  Manual
FSA  Failsafe Air Motor
FSH  Failsafe Hydraulic Motor
   A  Air Diaphragm

5 5000

P  50-5000 

  H  Hydraulic Pilot

Currently available installation drawings are indicated in blue. Click on link to download. .Models not listed in the table below are non-standard, consult factory for availability.
Part # Model Number Operator
 40-1498  KR-12N3EM Manual
 40-1663  KR-12N5DM Manual
 40-2449  KR-12S3EM Manual
 40-1652  KR-12N5DFSA Failsafe Air
 40-2150  KR-12N3EFSA Failsafe Air
 40-1666  KR-12N5DFSH Failsafe Hydraulic
 40-1665  KR-12N5PH Hydraulic Pilot

KR-12 Nominal Deadband

Model Deadband
E 50-125 psi
H 50-150 psi
V 50-200 psi
P 0-100psi