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Air Cable Assembly

The Air Interconnect Cable assembly carries the signal from the Air Remote Panel to the valve actuator system and the pressure transmitters. The cable assembly consists of a cable bundle of 3/8" or 1/4" O.D. polyethylene air tubes sheathed in a PVC hose. There is a junction box installed on each end of the cable which contains the hose plate that mates with the fixed plates mounted on the control panel and control unit.
  • An Air Cable Assembly consists of an Air Cable, Hose Plate, Hose Cover and Fittings.
  • Air Cable Assemblies with 1/4" OD tubes are also available by special request.
  • Fixed Plate and Gasket must be ordered separately.
  • Seal sub must be ordered separately for the RA-24 plate.

Made from a proprietary black linear low-density "FR" polyethylene compound in which the base resin meets or exceeds ASTM D-1248 classification, Type 1, Class C, Category 4 and ASTM D-1693 for stress crack resitance.

A shuttle valve 40-1643 allows operating an actuator from two different control panels. It is used to join two fixed plates, each of which attach to air cable assemblies, allowing control from different sources.

  • Brass body
  • Viton ball shuttle
  • ΒΌ” NPT female connections

Air Hose, Cross Section

Typical Cable Cross Section

Junction Box

Junction (AJ) Box and Cable

Round Air Remote Cable Assembly

Round Air (RA) Remote Cable

Shuttle Valve

Shuttle Valve